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"Oh my god Sara i thought you never would asked!!!!"
Me and Sara have been bestfriends since 6th grade, one friday night in the summer of sophmore year we had a sleepover. We both had boyfriends and both thought we were straight. She came over my house and we layed on my bed talking about, friends, school, boys. She asked me then, "Hey, Jenna how far have you gone?". I said "well i mean ive given my boyfriend a blow job what about you?" "Me and Jake had sex for the first time 2 weeks ago and he broke up with me a week later and i dont know why he did it, im crushed". I said "well your gorgeous! you have big boobs! and your so nice he has no reason to break up with you!". she said "thanks so much jenna but i think its my boobs i dont know do they look funny?". ...
lesbi party
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lesbi party
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As she sucked on her nipple Gabby began fingering herself intensly
"Ugh!! This damn car" Isabella pulls over to the side of the road, her car shuts off and won"t turn back on. Three hours pass and snow starts piling on the ground at this point. She starts getting really cold and notices lights coming down the street. A GMC Denali pulls up beside her and she gets out. The windows rolls down and she sees a beautiful busty brunette with big green eyes "you need some help? Its getting really bad out here" she said. "Oh yes that will be great. Thanks so much!" isabella said hopping into the truck. "My names Gabby" the busty brunette said smiling at Isabella. Isabella smiled back. They began pulling into a driveway. "Umm where are we?" isabella says." ...
lesbi party
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Oh sweetie I know you won't hurt me, I love you. Do as you will with me.
It was small with curly hair that lightly kissed her sweet pussy lips. I met Jody my third year in college. From the first time we laid eyes on each other we knew that we would be life long friends. While we were in school we took a small one bedroom apartment off campus. My life with Jody allowed me to explore a side of my personally that I always kept hidden away. Growing up in a traditional African- American home where the thought of fucking someone outside the compounds' of marriage was never to be thought of, but taking a same-sex lover would be an offence that would be beyond unforgivable. However, life with Jody gave me the kind of freedom that I had always wanted, but was somehow always too scared to go after.
sex with bro
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